Confession Time

Ok, it’s confession time. It’s good for the soul right?

After not smoking for more than 6 years, I started smoking again when my husband left for hurricane catastrophe duty in Texas more than 4 months ago. It started as mostly a way for me to get a minute to myself, outside, with no kids. But since then I’ve remembered just how much I really like to smoke. I’m going to have to quit soon, because, well, I just have to. But I think I’ll have to stop drinking coffee again and replace it with walking on a treadmill or something.

I’m totally addicted to Facebook. It’s seriously like crack. Or chocolate. Or sex. Or…

My Christmas decorations are still up and I have yet to send out cards, pictures, my in-laws’ presents, my niece’s present, or thank you notes. Hell, I still haven’t sent out thank you notes from The Boy’s birthday back in September!

I’d really like to go live in a cave, or a remote log cabin, or somewhere equally as removed from society and my daily life right now. At least until I get my shit put back together in a more day-to-day kind of way.

There are some songs that I adore, like this one by Muse right now, that I simply cannot get loud enough.

I check the visitor counter on this blog way more than is healthy.

Right now, I’d be totally happy if I could only put apples, cheese and red beers in my mouth and nothing else.

I haven’t seen a dentist in about 10 years. I hate going to the dentist.

I still get butterflies in my stomach when I think about certain experiences and people in my past.

I don’t recycle and I drive a big SUV. I really do love the earth, I promise!

I still write checks to pay bills.

I have a very hard time doing homework with The Boy. He gets all unfocussed and I get all impatient and it’s just not pretty.

I really don’t like our chocolate Lab. She’s obnoxious and annoying and if she just disappeared tomorrow, I would not be sad. Yes, I’m a bad person.


Kristi said...

The Boy has homework? Its kindergarden! What are they doing giving him homework?

BTW, you seriously make me laugh.

I used to check my blog counter alot too until I realize that no one read my blog. :)

mosaica said...

Yep, he has homework. This week he brought home a whole worksheet of addition problems! It's crazy...

And I read your blog..when there are new posts to read that is.. ;)

Kristi said...

Addition problems seriously? Wow!

I know you read my blog. LOL! :) :hug: I have to update. I was sick last week and now I feel like I'm trying to play catch up with everything. Oy!