The West Wing

I discovered The West Wing when The Boy was just a little bitty and refused to let me put him down. I fortunately had the room in my business at the time that I didn’t have to fight much with him about that fact. So we spent day after lovely day with him attached to me in some way and me sitting on the couch watching movies, playing with him and eventually watching The West Wing.

After seeing the first 10 minutes or so of the first episode I couldn’t believe that I had never watched it before. Aaron Sorkin ranks right up there with Joss Whedon in the can-do-no wrong department. I love his wit and unabashed hope mingled with sardonic dialogue.

Now that my beloved series is over, I DVR the re-runs on Bravo. They often coincide with my kids’ favorite morning shows, so we’ve had many discussions of how they are NOT allowed to stop the recording of my show in favor of Scooby Doo. Much to their utter and complete dismay.

What still gets me about the show is that no matter the subject matter, whether it’s a reporter being killed in the Congo, Josh getting shot or watching CJ and Charlie duke it out in a monumental feud of practical jokes, I spend much of the time on the verge of tears tempered by outbursts of laughter. This show quite simply, and quite sappily, speaks to my heart.

I love politics. I love to watch the human dynamic. I love to watch brilliant writing come to life. I love to watch elegant characters tackle the craziest of issues. And it must be said, I love Bradley Whitford. He makes me a wee bit giddy. Also? John Spencer. I don’t think I need to say much more about him. Except for maybe that I still cry when I think that he’s no longer walking this earth.

I think mostly the show speaks to the part of me that will always believe in our political system. And with The West Wing comes a hope that if this one man can think this way, that maybe there are more where he came from.

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