Idiosynchratic Love

I have pretty much always been a big ol’ ball of idiosyncrasies. It’s just part of who I am and over the years I’ve grown to embrace them. Relish in my little quirks and kookiness that sets me apart, or fits me right in. So I thought what better place to detail a bit of my own inner wonkiness than here?

I still sleep with my baby blanket. And it really is my baby blanket. I’ve tied it into knots to re-attach the pieces that insist on falling off and my mom used to sew it back together for me. The woman who used to watch me when I was little called naptime “mimi-time” and as that was the only time I was allowed to have my Mimi, I named it after that most glorious time of day. I took it with me to Germany and I’m sure I would still take it with me on any long trip.

When I was little I used to favor my left side. I figured that since I was right-handed that I should give my left side some extra special treatment. So I would always put my left shoe and sock on first. I would use my left hand to hold my utensils. Pretty much anything that didn’t require writing would be given to my left side to take a crack at first.

Whenever I spread anything on bread, I have to make sure it reaches the very edges of the bread. SH refers to this behavior as mania, but to me it just makes sense. I mean who wants to eat a lovely piece of toast with butter and jam (or Brötchen with Nutella) only to have the jam run out on the edges?

I can’t stand having my feet restrained while I’m sleeping. I also am not particularly fond of having my toes touching while I’m trying to fall asleep. It’s so distracting that it will keep me up for hours. The thought of sleeping with socks on is my own personal nightmare.

See? Don’t you love me just a little bit more for knowing this particular perspective on my crazy? I knew that you would.

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Linda said...

You Grandpa could not stand anything on his feet either.....what a wonderfully surprising creature of the universe you are. :)