These are a few of my favorite things...

I know with this post coming so close to Valentine’s Day that I’ll be seriously putting into doubt my aforesaid loathing of said holiday.

But I figured that I’d spent a lot of time talking about pet peeves and the many things that drive me crazy, so why not spend some time thinking about the things that make me really, really happy.

I really love the smell of concrete after it rains and my favorite way to drink water in the summer is straight out of the hose. It’s ultra cold and there’s something about the taste that just beats out every glass of water I’ve ever had. Barbeque chicken and potato salad is just about one of my most favorite meals ever. Wash it all down with a Grolsch and I am a very happy camper indeed.

I love to cook. When I was pregnant with The Boy, instead of nesting by cleaning, I baked and cooked. Every. Day. I came up with a killer scone recipe; I made coffee cakes, muffins and breads. I tried my hand at different dishes like gyros and cioppino, many different kinds of pesto and risottos. And it wasn’t even the finished product, it was the process, the problem solving that went into it. Figuring it out as I went along, putting the pieces together by taste and experimentation. And I’m quite sure that I could live on sushi.

I love a chivalrous man. One that opens doors for me and gently puts his hand on the small of my back as he guides me over the threshold. One that knows how I take my coffee, who hands me the salt shaker before I can ask for it. One that says bless you when I sneeze.

I could watch beat ‘em up blow ‘em up movies all day long. There’s nothing like a good chase scene, preferably in really fast cars, to get my blood pumping. I love the special effects and the gorgeous people finding themselves in outrageous situations armed to the teeth and fighting their way out with carefully choreographed fight scenes.

These are just a few of my favorite things. So, who’s up for sushi?

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