Brain Candy

I am a big fan of brain candy. It feels like my brain is going all the time. From the time I get up until long after I should be sound asleep. Running with ideas for what to write about, running with plans for the future, running with stuff I should do with the kiddos, running with daily to-do’s that need to get done. Running, running, all the time running.

So I’m a big fan of brain candy. Stuff that I can do or watch or read that just lets my brain run without me needing to pay attention to it all the time. I have a weekly TV lineup that I watch religiously. I’m reading The Watchmen right now, because I love superheroes and I wanted to know what all the fuss was about (and by the way, the fuss is really deserved). I love to go have cocktails with girlfriends. And there’s Facebook. I’ve been hopelessly sucked into a couple of applications that I’ve spent enough time on that I’m sure my friends who see me on there all the time must think the worst of me.

One Christmas break, my college roommate and I got completely obsessed with this video game at Dave & Buster’s in Denver. We spent entirely too much time and an obscene amount of money there trying to beat it. And because we’re both over-achievers at heart, we beat that sucker so bad it was calling for its mommy.

The Boy is totally into Webkinz and for a while I got just as into it as he was. We’d spend time while The Girl was napping looking up new animal releases and plotting ways to find them first. We spent countless hours on there playing games and “tending” to our pets.

And I’ve already detailed my love for action movies. Which would probably account for why I only saw one of the Oscar nominated movies this year even though I want to see them all.

As I get closer to my mid-30’s, I have to keep giving myself permission to play. Permission to be a kid with my kids. Permission to check out every once in a while.

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