Journalistic Meandering

Are you tired of play by play journal entries yet? Sorry. I’m just trying so hard to stay utterly centered in every moment of every day that it’s about all I have to write about at the moment. If I let my mind wander then it goes shooting into the future and starts spinning under the weight of the unknown. So I’d rather bore you with stream of consciousness than choose to go crazy. I hope that makes sense, otherwise there’s less hope for me than I thought.

I’m sitting currently in the little library in Aztec, New Mexico where I can get free wifi watching The Girl meander through tons of books and toys and semi-patiently wait for me to be done on my computer. She’s found all the princess books already and wants to bring them all home. She’s gone through the puppet closet and put on two short plays for me. She’s climbed around and on anything willing and able to hold her weight. It will never cease to amaze me how quickly my children can find themselves bored when surrounded by such a wealth of materials meant to engage and entertain them. But there she is, sitting at the little table, eyeing me warily, wondering how close together she ask if I’m done yet. So I’m hurrying through the stuff I need to get done on the computer, like writing this, so that I can get out from under her impatient eye.

Then we’ll run a couple of errands and see what else we can find to do just to keep us busy and out of the house for a bit.

I miss The Boy and my husband. They’ve been home for the past two days with snow days (The Boy’s school was closed) and I’m jealous since I wasn’t there with them to hang out and enjoy unadulterated family time. But yesterday was a good family day of a different sort, so it all evens out. Next week The Boy will be joining me here and then before I know it, it will be Christmas and then the New Year.

Time just keeps sweeping along, carrying us all with it.

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