Happy Birthday Daddy!

Today is my dad’s birthday. I was sitting today trying to remember some of his more memorable celebrations and I couldn’t. Because his birthday is four days before Christmas, it’s become impossible to extract the two from each other. There are a few presents that I’ve given him in the past that stick out in my head, but I can’t remember if I actually gave him those things for his birthday or for Christmas. Given that he’s a born a raised Nebraska boy, one year I got him a super cool University of Nebraska Lincoln Cornhuskers jacket. It was one of those old school, super slick and shiny team jackets. And he seemed so excited about it when he opened, but I don’t really remember him ever wearing it. But it’s still hanging in his closet and not buried in the back.

There have been more books than I can remember. Some proved to be brain candy romps through mystery and intrigue and some ended up being one or more of his favorite historical books about some event or person he loves to learn about. There have been a few attempts to catapult him into current fashion with gifts of the best LL Bean and/or Cabela’s had to offer. There have been fly fishing tools and accoutrements. There have been a myriad of other odds and ends along the way.

But today? Today I spent the whole day cooking. I made orange sponge cupcakes and his absolute, hands down favorite dinner to beat all dinners – lasagna. I really only make lasagna for special occasions. Typically only for my husband’s and my father’s birthdays specifically. It’s not that it’s hard, it just takes a tremendous amount of time and it’s rare that I have that much time to devote to dinner. But tonight I fed my dad lasagna and garlic bread until he was ready to burst. Followed by a single candle adorning a lovely, squishy and very tasty cupcake (which the children helped him eat).

We all spent all day lavishing my dad with every ounce of love and adoration we could muster. Spoiling him rotten for his 63rd birthday. It was a good day.

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