12/8/09 - Snow Day

My original plan for today was to try my hand at this honey challah recipe and work on crafts with Nora while my mom worked all day to catch up from playing hooky yesterday. But instead, the roads were a mess, it was bloody cold and still snowing and we all stayed home; safe and sound, warm and cozy.

And I just don’t understand how women used to make bread every single day with many more than one child running about their ankles. I mean it took me all day to bake two loaves of challah. Seriously. All day. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it was well worth it. The bread is so yummy and I have plans of challah French toast for tomorrow morning as well. Although I got a good taste of the whole bread baking learning curve that I was talking about earlier. I’m fairly sure I didn’t get enough flour into the dough. I mean, challah is a very soft, sweet dough, but I’m just thinking it needed a bit more flour to be a bit more manageable and keep the yeast working hard. And I think I may have left it in the oven for about 5 minutes too long as the bottom is a bit harder than it should be. But overall, I’m very impressed with myself and we got two loaves of scrumptiously sweet honey challah bread.

But, because of the all day bread baking affair, we didn’t get the chance to delve into much crafting. Well any really.

My mom gave The Girl these old dolls that were found in a closet at her office (and she since works in a doctor’s office she thought it would be appropriate to bring them home in a speculum box, ahem). The Girl absolutely adores them and has only put them down to sleep. So she spent much of the day playing with those and reading books. And I managed to get caught up on some of the Rolling Stones my mom always saves for me.

It was a pretty good day. Although I can already tell you that we’re gonna need to get out of the house tomorrow!

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