Coin Toss

Ok so I wrote a bit the other day about some of the things that make me a good mom. Let’s flip the coin and expose the underbelly of my current guilt about the things that make me a bad mom. Won’t this be fun?

The biggest thing right now is how unabashedly I put my children in front of the TV. I essentially lost two weeks with the whole The Girl’s having a seizure and also has pneumonia thing. So I’m totally behind on everything. My husband flipped his housewife switch yesterday to get us caught up on laundry, but it’s probably not all that sanitary to walk around my house barefoot right now. And we have an upperclassman worthy science experiment going in our master bathroom. And I’ve totally slacked on the pro bono projects I’m working on for friends and have totally put the foundation idea down and backed away. So we come into the house, I turn on the TV, pick up my laptop and commence ignoring of the children.

The other thing is that they both love to ask me the same question over and over. And usually by the third time I’m yelling the answer. It makes me crazy that they can’t listen enough the first time.

I’ve been so wrapped up in my own mental to-do list what with school ending for both kids in a couple of weeks, The Girl’s 3rd birthday approaching rapidly and trying to arrange summer activities that their pleas to go outside in the moments of sunshine to play have been ignored. I put them off on something else so I can get back to what I was concentrating on.

They eat pieced together meals or too much fast food as of late because I find myself almost always forgetting to take something out of the freezer and/or lacking the inspiration to do actually cook. Ketchup and ranch dressing are official food groups in this house.

Mostly I just feel so totally strung out that I’m missing these days of my children’s lives. Everything just whizzes past and I have no energy to stop it. It’s a good thing we have a DVR.

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