A Day in the Life

Headache. Oh. No, wait. That’s a migraine. Perfect.

I woke up with what I thought was just a headache from not sleeping worth a damn last night that then blossomed into a fully fledged migraine. I tried it head it off, but it was pretty determined. So I went back to bed on an off for most of the day.

The suckage of this fact was compounded by my dad waking up feeling the exact opposite of how he felt yesterday. He felt great today. In fact I’ve not seen him with this much energy in days. He had really good color in his face, he was chatty and really wanted to spend time with Aunt T and the kids. And I missed it because I was half blind with pain and just wanted to cry.

Dad took The Boy out to his shop today to tie another fly with him, which just made The Boy beam. You should’ve seen his face. Aunt T took some lovely pictures of the three of them out in dad’s shop soaking up their Papa’s teachings. I must find someone to continue to teach The Boy the art of fly fishing and everything that goes with it after my dad goes. He loves it and practically begged my dad to take him fishing tomorrow with his new fly (in 20 degree weather that’s a no-go unfortunately). So dad is keeping his fingers crossed that either spring will come early or his cancer will allow him to take The Boy out on the river this spring.

They all did homework together too. The Boy and dad working on a number matrix while Aunt T and The Girl worked on the alphabet.

It was a good day and I missed it and that sucks. And now Aunt T has to go home tomorrow, which makes me sad. I adore her and I just don’t get to see her nearly enough. So I’m feeling a bit whiny tonight. I’m tired and my head hurts and I think the time for the kids and I to go home is approaching quickly. The kids could use some routine and friends, and so could I.

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