Tonight was the return of one of my most favorite TV shows – Chuck. I absolutely adore this show. It is just about everything I love all wrapped up into one. In fact I can’t think of anything it’s not.

It’s got the good old fashioned romance. You know, the kind you have to really work for. That gets so close to working out that I get all bouncy and then something always happens to keep the characters away from the ultimate payoff.

There are kick ass action scenes with a woman who is seriously a billy bad ass. There is Adam Baldwin being the super cool jack of all trades bad ass that he so patently polished in his role on Firefly. And this season, it appears even the title character is getting in on the ass kicking goods.

And then there is the writing. The writing is witty, funny, smart and so perfectly on key it just brings you into this Burbank, CA world. This world populated by a guy who got kicked out of Stanford and thanks to the guy who stole his college girlfriend, found himself sucked into a world of spies and intrigue the likes of which he had only seen on TV. This guy who falls in love with his handler and discovers that his father is the ninja master of all spy technology. Whose father concocts this thing that turns his son into a spy extraordinaire.

Chuck is just an amalgamation of everything that is good about TV. It’s pure entertainment without actually detracting from your IQ. It’s engaging while still making you smile as you get totally emotionally invested in these characters that you wish lived next door (I want to go drinking with Morgan, Chuck and Casey so badly I’ve actually had daydreams about it).

It just rocks and I love it. And I am so glad it’s finally back and also happy to know that it’s got an extended season which makes up for its late return this season. Although the Olympics is going to put a cramp in getting my Chuck fix, but that will just make it all the sweeter when it returns. Again.

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