3/3/10 - Sickness, Again

I can’t remember the first time The Boy got the croup, he wasn’t very old. And it’s a tradition that The Girl has kept up with. I can spot the early stages of croup a mile away. So when The Boy came home from school a few days ago with a bit of a hoarse voice, I knew we were in for something. I just kept my fingers crossed that maybe it wouldn’t fully manifest. But last night at about 2am, my husband and I were awakened to The Boy crying and gasping for air in our bathroom. I knew from the moment I heard the strider in his voice that it was the croup. And of course I was out of the correct dosing of prednisone for him. So we sat with him in a steamy bathroom (at least I got a good facial out of the deal) with him for about 20 minutes until we could get him calmed down enough to get his breath back. Oh, and he also had a fever.

We got The Girl dropped off at school this morning and then headed straight to the doctor. Yes on the croup, ruled out strep. His fever wasn’t too bad when we were in the office. By late afternoon however, his fever was up to 104 degrees and he had started projectile vomiting. And I’m here to tell you that cherry slushy and nachos does not come back up well. I don’t think my favorite couch blanket will ever be the same after being christened with that colorful mixture. He was able to keep down a good dose of Motrin though and we got him to bed. So I’ve got my fingers crossed that this will all have turned around by morning. And I’ve got my toes crossed that it just passes The Girl right on by, because she doesn’t need to be having anything that carries a 104 degree fever with it. It’s been almost exactly a year since her febrile seizure and I’ve no inclination to do a repeat performance as a way of commemoration thankyouverymuch.

I am ready for this week to give me a friggin’ break already.

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