100 Things, Part Two

It’s cold and rainy here today, so I thought it would be a good day for dreaming. And it was, although it seems like this list is a bit more coupled than the previous one, i.e. two points having to do with travel, two points having to do with writing, with the kids, etc. It’s interesting how this stuff comes to me. I’m writing in the library today, so my first thoughts had everything to do with books and writing. But eventually spread out to my two favorite dream topics – travel and food. It’s been a trying day, so this was a good exercise in letting it all go in favor of focusing on the happy, the jubilant, the everything there is to look forward to.

26. Read at least one “classic” book every three months
27. Go on a girl’s getaway retreat every year
28. Have cats
29. Have the time to go through every part of The Louvre without rushing
30. Have house plants
31. Figure out how to grow a huge herb garden inside so I always have fresh herbs
32. Become fluent in German again
33. Learn Brazilian Portuguese
33. Always have fresh cut flowers in the house
34. Go to SouthxSouthwest
35. Make my children laugh every single day
36. Go on a driving tour of the Pacific Northwest for our 10 year wedding anniversary
37. Figure out how to paint my own toenails whilst pregnant
38. Adopt a baby
39. Have a dedicated space to write that is chock full of all my favorite things
40. Find the perfect BBQ
41. Learn how to make the best fried chicken
42. Write a story about dragons
43. Go into space
44. Find a way to finance a trip to document the origins and best comfort food in the world for a book
45. Go back to Nebraska every year to visit family
46. Cook with the children as much as possible
47. Go on a trip entirely of my husband’s design
48. Start a children’s museum
49. Find a fly fishing mentor for The Boy after his Papa is gone
50. Own a car with flames painted on the sides


Lisa@VisionaryMom.com said...

oh my gosh, sitting here reading your blog, catching up.. I am in tears, laughing, feeling in my heart so much love for you and the space you are in right now. You are in a good space. I feel it so much. Your heart is open and you are connected to the things that really matter. I feel humbled and blessed to know you and to witness this journey of yours. Your dad telling his stories! The baby growing inside you.. quiet moments. Just being. I am loving every word and can so feel right where you are here, in this moment. Love to you lovely woman. xo

Lisa@VisionaryMom.com said...

oh and we are such kindred spirits!! A car with flames!! fried chicken! Painted toes! dragons! love, love, love.

mosaica said...

So much love right back at you woman!! I miss you dearly...