Field Trip

The Girl had a field trip with her preschool to the main firehouse downtown this morning. And aside from the part where I totally spaced it and was late, it was great. Except for the one other little point of me being crabby when my morning got totally screwed because my preschooler went on a field trip that I had to drive her to, supervise while there and then drive her to school. So, you know, I was essentially paying her preschool so that I could take her on a field trip with her friends. Cool. Only not. I know it’s not a big deal. But these couple of mornings a week that I get to myself to write and read and do all the things I don’t get to do when she’s around are precious to me. Utterly precious. And disruption of them thoroughly rouses my inner crank.

The firefighters got all dressed up in their firefighting garb which of course, scared the bejeezus out of The Girl. But she eventually got brave enough that she wanted to try on the gigantic boots. The firemen were all extraordinarily nice. They just adore it when kids come to take tours. It always surprises me how much they love the kids. The Girl was most interested in all the gear and the kitchen. She didn’t much care about the pole or the big truck. But she wanted to know what every single thing on the uniform and firefighting gear was for. And she seriously could not wait to see their kitchen; she desperately wanted to see where they made all of their food. And as we were walking out one of the firemen asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up and she responded with “A princess!” He was very sweet with her and chatted a bit about what princesses do and how he thought she would make a glorious princess. It was pretty cool.

Then as we were walking out and she was proudly sticking her fire chief badge sticker on her shirt she said to me, “Actually mama, my think my want to be a firefighter.” Rock on girlfriend, rock on.

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